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Within Wes’s notes I found what looks like a poem, possibly translated from another language.  I’m coming across some vague references to the “Vile Enigma” and “Yohtorozu” but my research isn’t uncovering much on either.  When I entered the search terms “Vile” together with “Enigma”, I discovered this forum about “vile vortices”.  The only thing I can find close to the word “Yohtorozu” is a company named “Yorozu” which specializes in the manufacturing of automobile frames. 

Here’s the (untitled) poem…

An ambitious and unscrupulous man was once tricked by the “Vile Enigma” Yohtorozu

The Enigma vowed to bestow upon the man a great prize if he could solve an elaborate riddle

The nature of the riddle forced the man to defile and murder his wife, children

and all of his kin in order to discover the answer

In the end, the despair of what he had done

made him no longer wish for the great prize the Enigma had to offer

The Enigma delightfully bestowed it upon him anyway

Non omnis moriar

The Latin quote, “Non omnis moriar” is the only thing I could dig up in my research.  It’s a quote by the Roman poet Horace (65-8 B.C.) which means, “Not all of me shall die.”

Could this be an obscure poem by him or someone else entirely?  “Yohtorozu” sounds close to a Japanese term/name but Japan was undiscovered by the Romans and the Western world until much later in the Anno Domini (A.D.) time period.



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