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This document written by Wes is dated June 2, 2009.  That’s pretty close to the time when everyone he knew lost touch with him.  I’m posting this now even though I feel it’s out of context with what I’ve posted so far.  Even though this is out of order, I think it explains a bit of Wes’s state of mind and definitely raises more questions in regards to the information I’ve come across so far.  Here’s Wes in his own words…

It might sound like I’m losing it but things don’t feel the same anymore.  I go further and further into this investigation and the whole thing is making me paranoid.  I think people are following me.  When Sarah is away I can hear someone moving around inside the house, but no one is there.  I see shadows lurking nearby from the corner of my eyes.  I hear three knocks on the door when I can’t see anyone out the window.  Sounds bad, right?  It is worse.

Sarah is acting strange around me.  Sometimes she stares off into space like she’s not even here, then when I get her attention she looks at me with hollow eyes.  I know something is very wrong.  I’ve looked around the house and everything seems perfect.  Last week I took a leveler and tape measure and checked the placement of every picture on the walls, items on shelves every piece of furniture in the house…  Everything from the bed, to the rugs on the floor, to the books on the shelves, to the cereal boxes in the pantry were placed at precise angles with exact measurements and every bit of it was perfectly symmetrical.  That should not be possible but it was.  Sarah caught me doing this and seemed very upset.  She asked me why I had to do it but I could not explain it to her.  I could not express my suspicions without ruining everything.  After all, it was her house.

The next day I got up early and went out to do some research.  I came back to the house a few hours later and noticed that something was wrong.  Everything in the house looked slightly askew.  I got out the leveler and tape measure again and checked it all.  Every item in the house had been tilted, shifted or moved by either exactly 10 degrees or 10 centimeters.  Although the house now looked slightly more messy, it actually was not.  Everything had been moved with exact precision and perfection.  Then I heard crying from the bathroom.

It was Sarah.  She was sobbing inconsolably and she wouldn’t tell me why. 

Everything they said about the Kquathada is true.  I have followed all the clues and I believe I have already crossed paths with 5 of the 6.  I’m sure the 6th will find me whether I want it to or not.  I have seen “Profundo”.  I have their attention.  It’s a matter of time.  Very soon I will know where to go.  There I will find what is waiting for me. 

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As you can see this is very alarming.  Looks like Wes’s mental state was slipping before he vanished.  He was never into drugs and I never once knew him to be unstable in any way, but considering the way he was acting, I can’t blame Sarah for getting upset with him. 

The reference “Profundo” shows up in his notes multiple times and according to the notes it’s a film.  I can’t find any references to this film (just the one word title by itself) on the Internet Movie Database or anywhere on the internet.  The word itself means “deep” in Spanish with the Italian variation spelled “profondo”.  Even if it’s a short film or an obscure one, it shouldn’t be too hard for me to find.

“Kquathada” is a word that also comes up occasionally in the notes, but it also appears in Wes’s interview with the homeless boy Chris.  The kid said that the “Qwatha” (sic) is “bad mojo” and now we know that there are six.  These details definitely warrant looking into.



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I found these photographs on a CD-ROM in Wes’s files along with a text document.  I looked at them very carefully and it would appear Wes was scouting dilapidated locations…  possibly for the Boy in the Corner?  The homeless kid, Chris, said the Boy could be found in forbidden, derelict buildings

As for the pictures themselves, a few of them have…  anomalies.  I’ve enhanced a few of the final ones to reveal the anomalies more clearly. 

There’s something else…

Wes had a text file in the same folder as these pictures.  The file contained three questions.  The history indicated that the file had been modified and saved 47 times so it looked like Wes spent a lot of time narrowing them down.  I can only assume Wes planned to ask the Boy in the Corner these three questions…

Question #1:  Where is Sarah?

Question #2:  Will I live forever?

Question #3:  Who is the Man Behind the Door?

I’m not sure why there are only three questions, but it’s possible there is a limit to what you can ask before the Man Behind the Door arrives.  I also can’t figure out why he’s inquiring as to Sarah’s whereabouts.  Is it possible that she disappeared before him and he was searching for her? 

Could the figures in these photos be the Man Behind the Door?  Was he appearing in them because Wes was getting close to finding the Boy in the Corner?  Maybe it’s my mind playing tricks on me.  You be the judge…

(click on the pictures for a larger version)

the outline of a transparent figure


a man's shadow behind the wall


the head of spectral figure


a menacing figure reflected in a sliver of mirror



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I came across the name “Yohtorozu” again while searching through Wes’s materials.  This time, the term shows up in the form of a hand-drawn maze.  In the bizarre untitled poem, Yohtorozu is refered to as the “Vile Enigma”.  From what I can gather so far, Yohtorozu is some sort of malevolent entity who constructs elaborate challenges or puzzles for unfortunate victims to attempt to conquer.  

Here’s a copy of the maze… 

Click for a larger, printable version...

Click it for a larger, printable version...


Apparently Wes spent a lot of time working on the solution to this maze.  In his own words, here is what he discovered about it (highlight the blank space below to read)… 

After many attempts and dozens of sheets of printing paper wasted, I’ve determined that there is no solution to the Yohtorozu Maze.  This seems to be the entire point.  I believe this maze in itself is the actual definition of the Vile Enigma.  It’s a game you cannot beat.  A puzzle you cannot solve.  A challenge you cannot win.  Whatever this Yohtorozu is, there are a few things I am certain of…  The Vile Enigma is cruel and cunning.  One would not enter into a bargain with it and expect to win.  The more distressing idea is the notion that you could already be in the center of one of its games and not know it until it was too late.  Even though I found this maze in a moldy-old children’s book of puzzles, I already regret having discovered it.  There’s something really disconcerting about spending all that time trying to find your way out then suddenly realizing there isn’t one. 

– Wes


In regards to terminlogy, I believe the words Yohtorozu and the Vile Enigma could also be used to refer to the situation or puzzle itself.  It’s hard to figure out because the usage is vague.  In context, you could also assume that the pleasure in the game is not experienced from the one playing but from the one who constructed it. 

This sort of “be careful what you wish for” theme that surrounds the Yohtorozu mystery reminds me of the classic 1902 horror short story “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs.  If there were such a thing as Yohtorozu, the object of the Monkey’s Paw would certainly been of his construction. 

Finally, it’s obvious you wouldn’t want to be caught up in one of Yohtorozu’s games, but as Wes said…  How would you know you’re not already in one? 


Metatron stopping Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac

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Miss Martha mentioned “Bosunepcron” during Wes’s interview with her and suggested he/she/it might be a counterpart to the angel known as “Metatron” who is said to be “God’s voice.”  I could find nothing about Bosunepcron in internet searches so I decided to analyze the word’s etymology for some clues. 

Looking first at Metatron:  According to Wikipedia, the word Metatron comes from the Greek words for “after and throne, μετὰ θρóνος (meta thronos), taken together as ‘one who serves behind the throne’ or ‘one who occupies the throne next to the throne of glory’.”  

If we break down the name Bosunepcron, we get three separate parts: 

BOSUN: A Bosun or “Boatswain” is usually refered to as the “Boatswain’s or Bosun’s Call” – Historically the boatswain’s call was used to pass commands to the crew when the voice could not be heard over the sounds of the sea. Because of its high pitch, it could be heard over the activities of the crew and bad weather. It is now used in traditional bugle calls such as Evening Colors/Sunset, and in other ceremonies in most modern navies. It is sometimes accompanied by other auditive features such as ruffles and flourishes, voice commands and announcements, or even a gun salute. 

EP: Close to epi- from Gk. epi “upon, at, close upon (in space or time), on the occasion of, in addition” (cognate with Skt. api “also, besides;” Avestan aipi “also, to, toward;” Arm. ev “also, and;” L. ob “toward, against, in the way of”). Before unaspirated vowels, reduced to ep-; before aspirated vowels, eph-. Used in modern scientific compounds, cf. epicenter; epicycle (late 14c.). 

CRON: Close to Cronus from Gk. Kronos, youngest of the first generation of Titans, and their leader; of uncertain origin, or also possibly related to Chronos, personification of time.


Cronus devouring his son, Poseidon

BOSUNEPCRON = The call that announces something is close at hand? 


BOSUNEPCRON = The signal that heralds the coming of Cronus? 

Cronus/Kronos, the Titan who is the father of Zeus in Greek mythology, was a greedy and ruthless being who devoured his own sons to prevent a prophecy that they would one day overthrow him.  The ancient Greeks considered him a “a cruel and tempestuous force of chaos and disorder, believing the Olympian gods had brought an era of peace and order by seizing power from the crude and malicious Titans” – Wikipedia 

If you go by this analysis, Bosunepcron could possibly be the herald of a great devourer or could be that devourer himself.  If Metatron is a divine being in the pantheon of Christianity, perhaps Bosunepcron serves a similar function as a pagan deity.  Martha did mention that because Wes’s faith in Christianity was lacking, he would only receive messages from Bosunepcron.   

Interesting stuff.  Here’s a very sinister and gory interpretation of the massive Cronus from the video game “God of War 3″…



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I don’t have much to say about this except that it speaks for itself. I’m currently looking for more info in Wes’s notes that expand on the metaphysical aspects of what Miss Martha is talking about here. What I’ve found so far all seems loosely connected (at least). More as I can put it together and get it out to you…

(Part 1 of the interview HERE)

Martha: —The Man Behind the Door is the right hand of God.

Wes: Pardon?

Martha: This is privileged information, you hear? I don’t reconcile telling it to someone without faith. Are you a good Christian, Mr. Cotten?

Wes: Yes I am.

(a half lie)

Martha: Are you a repentant Southern Baptist?

Wes: …No ma’am. I’m Lutheran.

Miss Martha stared at me for what seemed like a full minute. I immediately regretted telling the truth as I remembered how uncompromising the Southern Baptist faith can be. They are rigid in their beliefs and have almost no patience for the contrary beliefs of opposing denominations. Suddenly, she let out a loud sigh and wiped her brow.

Martha: Well, I guess you’re okay. The Lord says, “Love thy neighbor.” Have you been baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?

Wes: Yes ma’am.

(a full lie)

Martha: Well that’s a start. We will have to get you sorted out proper real soon.

Wes: So… You’re saying The Man Behind the Door has a connection to God?

Martha: He puts a stop to the Boy’s wickedness, keeps him from spreading the Lord’s secrets by punishing those who seek it.

Wes: Is he like an angel?

Martha: The Lord has dominion over all things, both divine or unholy. He allows the Man to do as he wilt, just like the Lord allows the Devil to do as he wilt. They all have a part to play in the great design.

Wes: Just to clarify… The Boy, if he’s found, tattles the secrets of the Heavens and the Earth and then the Man suddenly appears to put a stop to it?

Martha: You may be a scholar of the world, Mr. Cotten, but you know very little about the life beyond it. It’s never that simple. These things are much more than you can comprehend.

This made me a little angry. Either she was saying I wasn’t intelligent enough or I wasn’t religious enough to understand. Either way, it was a cop-out. I figured I’d try to play along best I could without getting too confrontational, knowing that devout fundamentalists like Miss Martha tend to shut down or lash out when they realize they are about to lose a religious or logical argument. I also started to notice that sharp smell of vinegar that hung over the house seemed more intense the longer I stayed there. It was starting to sting my eyes and burn my nostrils.

Wes: Then please enlighten me. I would like to know more about your beliefs.

Martha: Oh I can testify till my heart’s content, but it’s not my place to show you the heavens and explain their wonders. That is for Metatron, the voice of God.

Wes: Ah, see I know of Metatron. He IS an angel. You mostly see his name in Jewish texts—

Martha: —(shakes her head and takes a harsh vocal tone) I do not think you know anything, Mr. Cotten. You spout things you’ve heard from in books but you don’t understand the true meanings. You don’t FEEL it as someone with faith does.

Wes: Then how am I supposed to understand? How am I supposed to find what I’m looking for?

Martha: (calms down) You find it by searching… inside. Some of it you will find. Some of it will find you. You are not faithful enough to receive messages from the Metatron. The unfaithful receive messages from Bosunepcron. I expect that’s where YOU will begin finding what you are looking for.

Wes: Bosunepcron? That’s… I’m not familiar with that term.

At this point, the smell had become nearly unbearable. It made my head hurt. My nostrils weren’t inflamed or swollen, anymore but the smell felt like it was eating away at my nasal lining. It didn’t smell like vinegar anymore. It was sharp and dull at the same time. Kind of like a caustic chemical but worse. I’ve never smelled anything that pungent before in my life. I figured it was because this woman was freaking me out and brain was using the smell as an alarm to coerce me to leave.

Martha: God has a voice. By your text book smarts, I suppose you would figure that those unlike God would have one too. That would make sense to an educated boy like yourself, wouldn’t it?

Wes: Then it’s the Devil’s voice?

Martha: (shakes her head) You have so much to learn my young man.

A loud knocking (3 times to be precise) suddenly came from inside a room down the hallway that connected to the living room where we were sitting. It startled me, but Miss Martha seemed unperturbed. Behind the door I could hear what sounded like a little child’s voice whining and pleading.

Martha: (yelling) You hush up back there! I told ya you ain’t coming out until you learn right! Bother me again and you’ll do without supper, you hear?

The room in the back goes silent.

Martha: (back to me) You have to discipline them. If you don’t, they’d run all over the place doing God knows what. You understand? (standing up) I’m going to have to send you along. I have a Bible study arriving soon and I have to tidy up.

Miss Martha showed my to the door and I left without a word. My head was throbbing and I was anxious to get out of there. I noticed a lot of Martha’s intimidating neighbors (some gang-bangers amongst them) stared at me intensely as I made my way to my car and drove off. I promised myself I wouldn’t go back there if I didn’t have to.

On the way back I thought seriously about calling child services to check up on Miss Martha and her most current foster child. If she was locking the kid up in a room and denying him food, that would make me sick. After awhile of internal debate, I realized I could have seen things out of context. I’d draw the ire of my volunteer work colleagues if I went off half-cocked and started making accusations without the facts. I decided to let it go for now.

I went straight home and took a nap. When Sarah woke me up, I felt a lot better. The headache was gone and the bad smell only slightly lingered in the air around me. I told Sarah where I went and let her listen to the interview (cutting it off before the knocking). She got really mad at me, pointing out that the police are always busting crystal meth-cooking operations in the houses in that neighborhood. She said Miss Martha was probably forcing her foster children to make meth in the other part of the house and the fumes are what made me feel so sick.

She also told me I should drop this research if it was going to send me out to the worst parts of the city. I know she’s scared for my safety but this stuff is too interesting not to follow up on so I’m going to continue with my research. Hopefully Sarah can live with that. She’s seemed a little sad and distant every since I started, but I’m taking her out to The Rendezvous this weekend. That ought to cheer her up.

Looks like my trail of leads is running dry. I have to locate “Rodney the Bum” and hopefully he’ll give me an interview and a new direction to go in.

**NOTE FROM COOP** I’ve found a few references to “Bosunepcron” in Wes’s notes. He didn’t have a definition for it, but I did some web research and found a few things. I’ll put it all in a post very soon.  As for the “Rodney the Bum” interview, I’m still hunting…

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Coop here,

Still preparing the 2nd half of Wes’s interview with Miss Martha, but I just discovered something myself and I feel compelled to post it right away.  As you might have noticed, I’ve been making some cosmetic changes to the site and working hard to smooth out the navigation for those who want to read all the posts from the beginning.  During these modifications, I discovered that Wes had registered the site with Google Analytics.  I dug a bit and found Wes’s login information at took a peek at the stats. 

What I found surprised me.  An overwelming majority of the hits the site has received from May 2009 until now came from the country of Brazil (or “Brasil” in their native Portuguese tongue).  I’ve always heard that Brazilians have an intense fascination with the paranormal, but the country does not have a large population of English-speakers.  To see if I could discover a reason for this, I decided to use the Brazilian version of Google to search for possible legend origins in that country.

Here is what I discovered…

In my first search, I uncovered this website:  O homem atrás da porta… translated, “The Man Behind the Door”.  This site contained only one article titled “Deus é o Diabo na terra do Sol?”

I used Bing Translator to convert it from Portuguese to English.  Although the translation wasn’t accurate (sometimes even unintelligible), I gathered that the author Cesz de Sousa was refering to a disaster that killed exactly 200 citizens and frustration of the people at the government’s poor handling of the aftermath.  At first I thought it might be unrelated  if it weren’t for a few key words.  Firstly the title loosely translates to “God is the Devil?”  That set off alarms in my head since Miss Martha claimed that the frightening entity known as The Man Behind the Door was the “Right Hand of God”.  Also within Wes’s notes are numerous references to the number “200”.  I haven’t discovered the significance of that number yet, but it does seem important.  The descriptors within the article make the tone fairly grim.  Words like “misery, terror, beggars, tragedies, drug users, calamities, dreaded, homeless”…  are all precise words I came across in Wes’s notes fairly frequently.  The most odd phrase in the article, “tears roll”, is something that Wes wrote on the back of one of his notebooks.  The ominous, foreboding tone of the site seems to add to connection.

My search for “The Boy in the Corner” turned up something even more interesting…  A poem entitled “Fantasia:  O Menino da Esquina” which translates to “Fantasy:  The Boy in the Corner”.  Try the translator yourself and take a look at the English version of the poem.  It strikes a sad tone and hints at the tragedy of loss, but a few aspects of it truly stand out as related to the legend.  Particularly these lines:  “He abandoned his luck, Had no time, Neither age, He had been the fear of death”…  “The secrets to keep, For everyone to know”…”Not very talkative, Has blue eyes boy, Dying full of pain”.  Now that’s a creepy coincidence given what we know about the Boy so far

A photograph of the Boy in the Corner?

The final revelation was downright spooky.  I searched for “Brazil ghost boy” on Google Brazil.  Here’s the most interesting article I found…  Brasil fantasma Menino.  Translate it yourself and you’ll see a potential origin to “The Boy in the Corner” legend.  The picture that accompanies the article (embedded on the left) looks doctored and is probably phony, but it is a compelling piece of evidence that the legend of the Boy might originate in Brazil.