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Metatron stopping Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac

Coop here, 

Miss Martha mentioned “Bosunepcron” during Wes’s interview with her and suggested he/she/it might be a counterpart to the angel known as “Metatron” who is said to be “God’s voice.”  I could find nothing about Bosunepcron in internet searches so I decided to analyze the word’s etymology for some clues. 

Looking first at Metatron:  According to Wikipedia, the word Metatron comes from the Greek words for “after and throne, μετὰ θρóνος (meta thronos), taken together as ‘one who serves behind the throne’ or ‘one who occupies the throne next to the throne of glory’.”  

If we break down the name Bosunepcron, we get three separate parts: 

BOSUN: A Bosun or “Boatswain” is usually refered to as the “Boatswain’s or Bosun’s Call” – Historically the boatswain’s call was used to pass commands to the crew when the voice could not be heard over the sounds of the sea. Because of its high pitch, it could be heard over the activities of the crew and bad weather. It is now used in traditional bugle calls such as Evening Colors/Sunset, and in other ceremonies in most modern navies. It is sometimes accompanied by other auditive features such as ruffles and flourishes, voice commands and announcements, or even a gun salute. 

EP: Close to epi- from Gk. epi “upon, at, close upon (in space or time), on the occasion of, in addition” (cognate with Skt. api “also, besides;” Avestan aipi “also, to, toward;” Arm. ev “also, and;” L. ob “toward, against, in the way of”). Before unaspirated vowels, reduced to ep-; before aspirated vowels, eph-. Used in modern scientific compounds, cf. epicenter; epicycle (late 14c.). 

CRON: Close to Cronus from Gk. Kronos, youngest of the first generation of Titans, and their leader; of uncertain origin, or also possibly related to Chronos, personification of time.


Cronus devouring his son, Poseidon

BOSUNEPCRON = The call that announces something is close at hand? 


BOSUNEPCRON = The signal that heralds the coming of Cronus? 

Cronus/Kronos, the Titan who is the father of Zeus in Greek mythology, was a greedy and ruthless being who devoured his own sons to prevent a prophecy that they would one day overthrow him.  The ancient Greeks considered him a “a cruel and tempestuous force of chaos and disorder, believing the Olympian gods had brought an era of peace and order by seizing power from the crude and malicious Titans” – Wikipedia 

If you go by this analysis, Bosunepcron could possibly be the herald of a great devourer or could be that devourer himself.  If Metatron is a divine being in the pantheon of Christianity, perhaps Bosunepcron serves a similar function as a pagan deity.  Martha did mention that because Wes’s faith in Christianity was lacking, he would only receive messages from Bosunepcron.   

Interesting stuff.  Here’s a very sinister and gory interpretation of the massive Cronus from the video game “God of War 3″…




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