Blurry Wes(NOTE FROM COOP:  This is the only picture of Wes I could find on the internet.  If you are family or a friend of his and have a better picture, please email it to me at wescotten@live.com)

Hello, I’m Wes. 

As an aspiring writer and journalist, I came upon the genuine urban legend of The Boy in the Corner and became interested enough to investigate futher on the subject.  I have dedicated this blog to uncovering the origin of this legend and the larger picture behind it.  Most importantly…


Any information you have about this story and any of the clues that I have found, please leave a comment. OR if the information is urgent, email me at wescotten@live.com

So far it has been a scary ride.  Come by often to read updates and see what I’ve found.


A little about myself:

Name: Wes Cotten (Cotten is my middle name BTW)
Hometown:  Memphis, TN
Martial Status: Very taken!
Occupation: Writer and non-profit work
Hobbies: Volunteer for the underprivileged, video games, movies (especially horror), baseball (go Cardinals!), religion, the paranormal, my girlfriend
Resolve: Curious

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