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Coop here,

This document written by Wes is dated June 2, 2009.  That’s pretty close to the time when everyone he knew lost touch with him.  I’m posting this now even though I feel it’s out of context with what I’ve posted so far.  Even though this is out of order, I think it explains a bit of Wes’s state of mind and definitely raises more questions in regards to the information I’ve come across so far.  Here’s Wes in his own words…

It might sound like I’m losing it but things don’t feel the same anymore.  I go further and further into this investigation and the whole thing is making me paranoid.  I think people are following me.  When Sarah is away I can hear someone moving around inside the house, but no one is there.  I see shadows lurking nearby from the corner of my eyes.  I hear three knocks on the door when I can’t see anyone out the window.  Sounds bad, right?  It is worse.

Sarah is acting strange around me.  Sometimes she stares off into space like she’s not even here, then when I get her attention she looks at me with hollow eyes.  I know something is very wrong.  I’ve looked around the house and everything seems perfect.  Last week I took a leveler and tape measure and checked the placement of every picture on the walls, items on shelves every piece of furniture in the house…  Everything from the bed, to the rugs on the floor, to the books on the shelves, to the cereal boxes in the pantry were placed at precise angles with exact measurements and every bit of it was perfectly symmetrical.  That should not be possible but it was.  Sarah caught me doing this and seemed very upset.  She asked me why I had to do it but I could not explain it to her.  I could not express my suspicions without ruining everything.  After all, it was her house.

The next day I got up early and went out to do some research.  I came back to the house a few hours later and noticed that something was wrong.  Everything in the house looked slightly askew.  I got out the leveler and tape measure again and checked it all.  Every item in the house had been tilted, shifted or moved by either exactly 10 degrees or 10 centimeters.  Although the house now looked slightly more messy, it actually was not.  Everything had been moved with exact precision and perfection.  Then I heard crying from the bathroom.

It was Sarah.  She was sobbing inconsolably and she wouldn’t tell me why. 

Everything they said about the Kquathada is true.  I have followed all the clues and I believe I have already crossed paths with 5 of the 6.  I’m sure the 6th will find me whether I want it to or not.  I have seen “Profundo”.  I have their attention.  It’s a matter of time.  Very soon I will know where to go.  There I will find what is waiting for me. 

Coop again,

As you can see this is very alarming.  Looks like Wes’s mental state was slipping before he vanished.  He was never into drugs and I never once knew him to be unstable in any way, but considering the way he was acting, I can’t blame Sarah for getting upset with him. 

The reference “Profundo” shows up in his notes multiple times and according to the notes it’s a film.  I can’t find any references to this film (just the one word title by itself) on the Internet Movie Database or anywhere on the internet.  The word itself means “deep” in Spanish with the Italian variation spelled “profondo”.  Even if it’s a short film or an obscure one, it shouldn’t be too hard for me to find.

“Kquathada” is a word that also comes up occasionally in the notes, but it also appears in Wes’s interview with the homeless boy Chris.  The kid said that the “Qwatha” (sic) is “bad mojo” and now we know that there are six.  These details definitely warrant looking into.