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Coop here,

I found these photographs on a CD-ROM in Wes’s files along with a text document.  I looked at them very carefully and it would appear Wes was scouting dilapidated locations…  possibly for the Boy in the Corner?  The homeless kid, Chris, said the Boy could be found in forbidden, derelict buildings

As for the pictures themselves, a few of them have…  anomalies.  I’ve enhanced a few of the final ones to reveal the anomalies more clearly. 

There’s something else…

Wes had a text file in the same folder as these pictures.  The file contained three questions.  The history indicated that the file had been modified and saved 47 times so it looked like Wes spent a lot of time narrowing them down.  I can only assume Wes planned to ask the Boy in the Corner these three questions…

Question #1:  Where is Sarah?

Question #2:  Will I live forever?

Question #3:  Who is the Man Behind the Door?

I’m not sure why there are only three questions, but it’s possible there is a limit to what you can ask before the Man Behind the Door arrives.  I also can’t figure out why he’s inquiring as to Sarah’s whereabouts.  Is it possible that she disappeared before him and he was searching for her? 

Could the figures in these photos be the Man Behind the Door?  Was he appearing in them because Wes was getting close to finding the Boy in the Corner?  Maybe it’s my mind playing tricks on me.  You be the judge…

(click on the pictures for a larger version)

the outline of a transparent figure


a man's shadow behind the wall


the head of spectral figure


a menacing figure reflected in a sliver of mirror