Where is Wes Cotten?

Coop Cooper here from The Small Town Critic website.

I now have access to Wes’s blog that he created over a year ago and suddenly stopped using. The reason being that Wes Cotten has been missing since at least June of 2009. The Memphis Police Department has released some of Wes’s personal effects to me since they are having trouble locating surviving relatives and some of the documents investigated by the police list me as an emergency contact.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Wes myself in well over a year.

Apparently the police only recently started investigating Wes’s disappearance due to the fact that no one came forth to declare him missing. His elderly landlady,  folks at his volunteer job and friends at his paid job thought he had simply left town or eloped with his girlfriend, Sarah Reynolds… who is also missing.

This is a long shot, but if anyone knows any information, please contact me through Wes’s old email address: wescotten@live.com

Although the police couldn’t make much sense of it, I will be going through Wes’s things to see if there is anything that can help locate him. If I find anything of interest (for any friends out there who may be worried about him), I will post it here.

Let’s pray that Wes and Sarah are on an island beach somewhere starting a new life and having a blast.




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